The Great Cloth Nappy Review


I’ve been using cloth nappies for a fair while now and have tried a variety of brands. I started out using just one type but quickly started buying individual second hand nappies to try them out. I thought I’d write about which ones are my favourites since there’s a huge range out there which can be daunting if you’re just starting out using cloth!

I’ve stuck to the Big Name Brands mostly, a) since these are most readily available and b) since, to be honest, they work pretty damn well. There are loads of small companies and work at home mums who supply gorgeous nappies but since these aren’t quite so mainstream I’ve not included them here.

Best general use nappy: Bambinex Teddy nappy

These are microfiber nappies that are shaped and sized and require a separate nappy wrap. These are honestly the best nappy I have used! They fit brilliantly, are amazingly absorbent, dry very quickly and are soft even when washed in hard water. The only negative point I have found is that they haven’t lasted as long as the weight suggestions on the nappies; Molly moved up from size 1 to size 2 much sooner than I expected, and outgrew the size 2 at 20 months, long before she was potty trained. This may not be the case for all children; I think my daughter does have chunky legs!

Best night-time nappy: Tots Bots Bamboozle

These are fitted sized bamboo nappies that are MEGA absorbent. They are a lot softer than other bamboo nappies I have used, fit very neatly, and are very slim so you can add more absorbency for heavy wetters. They come in lovely bright colours too!

Best nappy wrap: Blueberry Coverall

These are just lovely! They come in a huge range of bright, fun designs, are made of very high-quality thick PUL, have a choice of velcro or popper fastening, don’t wick even with a wet nappy and fit very neatly. The Blueberry Mini is a great wrap for newborns too as it fits from a very small size. Often with cloth nappies you compromise a little on quality when you buy something pretty, but the Blueberry definitely does both! They are a little more costly because of this but you’ll only need a few wraps so it’s not a huge investment.

Best pocket nappy: Bumgenius version 2

I have to use the disclaimer here that I’ve not tried many pocket nappies, and not tried any BG nappies other than the version 2. That said, the version 2 are SO GOOD that I haven’t felt need to try many others. Pocket nappies are brilliant for out and about, for babysitters or childcare, and for less adventurous family members who may be helping out. Once they’re stuffed with an absorbent insert they require no outer wrap; just pop on baby and go! As quick as a disposable. The BG v2 are very absorbent, non-wicking, trim, pretty, good quality, and one of very few nappies to still fit my almost 3 year-old. When poppered fully down they actually fit my newborn pretty well too! So they really are a true birth-to-potty nappy.

Best ‘special occassion’ nappy: Weenotions

Weenotions is a company that make and sell bespoke nappies. They have a huge range of fabric choices, designs, embroidery and other options. Their nappies are not cheap, but the end product is very nice indeed! On top of this they have shown great customer service with me; offering to get a nappy intended as a present made and shipped in good time and sending lots of polite and friendly emails. I have LOVED the few nappies I’ve bought from them.

Best product you didn’t think you’d need: Bumgenius travel wetbag.

This is a tiny wetbag that folds up into it’s own pocket so small it will go in a purse or your jeans pocket. It’s a brilliant emergency wetbag! Folded out it will fit four soiled nappies plus wipes. I like having it around for potty training in case of accidents; pop it plus a change of pants at the bottom of your handbag and you’re good to go.

Best Change Bag: ???

I’ve yet to find one I really like. I’ve been looking for one that’s big enough to take cloth nappies yet folds down small enough to tuck under a pushchair. It needs to have lots of pockets for putting Mummy Things in. It needs to be worn both as a rucksack and a messenger bag. I think a babywearing bag is what I’m after but I’ve not tried one. If anyone has any favourite change bags please let me know!

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I am a mother to M and E, who are junior school aged children. I am a working mother, alternatively science geek and hippy. I work, sing, garden, photograph and try not to keep a tidy house. This blog is all about my experiences as a parent; contained within is everything from the very first days (nappies, poop, boobies, slings) to school days and beyond.
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2 Responses to The Great Cloth Nappy Review

  1. becci says:

    I totally second the bamboozles for night time. T was a VERY heavy wetter, and the only wraps we ever found that contained everything overnight were the motherease airflows. Well worth a try if your little one wees more than you thought possible!

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