Potty Training!

I’m so happy to be writing a post with this title! Happy, and kind of terrified…

Last Thursday, we found E upstairs in the bathroom, dirty nappy round her ankles, trying to climb onto the toilet onto which she had already placed a toilet seat. I think she was trying to tell us something…

Then over the weekend potty training started. I hadn’t intended it, but much like her older sister, E just decided the time was ripe. We had the potty out and she was just using it. Simple as.

It’s been going pretty well, for early days. On the weekend while at home she was mostly naked form the waist down, and would use the potty when offered. Once she even took herself! Out of the house she had a nappy on, but at the first opportunity we’d take it off and let her use the potty again. Not quite ready for pants, I think, but probably not far off either!

She’s been at nursery this week, and has been in nappies but offered the potty at every change. She’s happy to switch between the two, it seems, which is great! At the moment she’s just very pleased to be using the potty, being a big girl like her sister. For a while she refused to use the potty, preferring the much less easy option of the toilet, which she can’t do without help (but refuses help in trying). Thankfully the novelty of Grandma and Grumpy’s potty, left over from M’s early potty training days, convinced her of the benefits of a small pot at her height she can easily get on and off by herself.

This coming weekend I’m going to see if we can go nappy-free for all awake hours. It will be a challenge! And I’m expecting to have to clean up mess, but that’s okay – we will both be learning how long E can go between potty breaks, and she will be learning to read her body’s signals.

E is much younger than M was when she potty trained – I think M was about 30 months, whereas E is only just 24 months. I wonder whether any of that Elimination Communication we did when she was a baby counts for anything? Did it help make a connection early on that helped her learning her body’s elimination signals? Or is it all just coincidence?


About mamathegeek

I am a mother to M, a pre-schooler, and E, a toddler. I am a working mother, alternatively science geek and hippy. I work, sing, garden, photograph and try not to keep a tidy house. This blog is all about my experiences as a parent; there will be a lot about my boobs, poop, slings and other hippyish parenting shenanighans!
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